HC-02 - Molex .084, 16 AWG UL1015

MolexSKU: HC-02-0606

Size: With 6" Wire Leads


Molex .084 MLX Power Series Connectors


Ideal for commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, motors, machines, automation and power applications. This connector system is available in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9 circuit configurations. Larger than our HA (Molex .093) Series for more demanding circuits and wired with heavy insulated, 16AWG, 600V, multicolored wire. The housings have a dual locking tab system for a positive locking design. Both tabs must be depressed in order to separate connectors. Receptacles are free hang but are also panel mountable. They are molded from 6/6 Nylon 94V2. Can be used for either AC or DC applications. 

Connector Specification:

  • Molex .084 MLX Power Series
  • Circuit count = 2 
  • Color = White/Natural
  • Material = Nylon Plastic
  • Receptacles are panel mountable [Recommended panel thickness: 1/32 - 3/32” (0.76 - 2.29mm)]

Wire Specifications:

  • 16 AWG
  • UL 1015
  • 600 VAC, 105 degrees C
  • Stranded, Tinned Copper
  • PVC, Appliance Wire Material (AWM)
  • Wire Length = Available in 6" both ends or 48" both ends
  • Free ends are stripped 0.6" with slugs left on to protect wire strands


  • Tin plated contacts 
  • Male contacts in Plug
  • Female contacts in Receptacle


  • 250VAC, 12 Amp MAX *
  • Max Temp 220 Deg F

* Total MAX current will be dependent on the total wire length and gauge of wire used in the entire circuit. As wire length and wire gauge decrease, current capacity will decrease.  Total wire length is the distance that the wire will travel from the source to the load (through the connector kit) plus the length of the return lines.  

Wire color configuration by connector terminal location: (Same for both connectors)

  1. Red
  2. Black


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