Quick Disconnect - JF Series Jumper Sets

SKU: JF-2212B

Wire Gauge: 22 AWG
Wire Color: Black
Length: 12 Inches


“JF Series” Jumper Assemblies
Quick-Disconnect Terminal Jumper Assembly
Pre-assembled with a single TYCO ¼”, Fully Insulated, Nylon, Quick Disconnect terminal on one end and ¼” strip on the other.
Ideal for ground and terminal wiring. Can be trimmed down to size if needed.
Wired with stranded UL1569, 300v wire. Available in Black, Green, and Red insulation.

Wire gauges = 22, 18, 16 or 14AWG

Mates with Tabs =1/4” wide, 0.032” thick
Materials = Brass / Nylon
Max voltage = 300VAC/DC
Max Temp = 200F
Length = 12” or 24"
Colors = Black, Green or Red
Quantity = 15pcs per pack

Sets are made to order and are 3-4 weeks leadtime.



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