LSS8 - Wiring Harness Kit for Leash Electronics Street/Strip Relay Board



In partnership with Precision Fabrication & Wiring, SPEED Wiring Products offers the LSS-8 Wire Harness Kit for the Leash Electronics Leash Street/strip Board. 

This kit will include all the necessary wiring to make the installation of this board complete.  (Leash Board is NOT included)

  • All wires have terminals installed and will fit perfectly onto the Leash relay board. The opposite ends are blunt cut for your installation.   
  • Wires are pre-bundled for a professional fit and appearance.  
  • Wires are color coded and labeled to match the board for easy installation.
  • All wire is TXL automotive grade American made wire.
  • 20 Foot Front End Harness (Headlights Hi/Low, Parking, Turn Signs)
  • 20 Foot Taillight Harness (Brakes, Turn Signals, Parking Lights).
  • 10 Feet of wire for the switch panel, this includes switch panel 12v and Ground.
  • 10 Feet 12v and Ignition Accessories wires.
  • 10 Feet for Inputs for lights.
  • 15 Feet of 10 awg wire for all relay outputs.
  • All wires are marked with identification every 12 inches.
  • Made in the USA.

(Leash Board is NOT included)


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