SWP-T220 - Professional Grade Ratcheted Terminal Crimper 22-8 AWG

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Our absolute best crimp tool for shrinkable butt-splices. The same crimper we use on our own cars.  The tool we recommend for use with all of our wiring kits.

Ergonomic design for easy single hand operation. Fully ratcheted to ensure a perfectly compressed crimp every time. The dies are specifically designed for use with shrinkable butt splices so they do not damage or tear the shrink tube while crimping.  This one tool crimps all 4 popular splice sizes.  

If you are a pro installer or demand only the best tools in your garage, we promise this crimper will not disappoint.  

Application: Insulated Terminals

Crimp Size: AWG 22-18/ 16-14/ 12-10/ 8
DIN 0.5-1.0/ 1.5-2.5/ 4.0-6.0/ 10.0mm²

Always wear eye protection when cutting, stripping and crimping wires. 


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