PS-06 - PEI Genisis Sure-Seal, 16AWG, UL1569

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PS Series” PEI Genisis Connectors
A low-profile, resilient and rugged construction, with multiple moisture seals makes the Sure-Seal connector a natural choice for outdoor applications where contaminants are a concern. Only two parts are required to complete a Sure-Seal connector: the connector body and the contacts. Sure-Seal was developed to address Department of Transportation safety regulations for automotive connectors. Sure-Seal is ideal for a range of environmental applications where a small, low-cost connector is needed. These sealed connectors meet or exceed DOT requirements for shock, vibration, temperature cycling, salt water spray and immersion, petroleum derivatives, and industrial gas while insuring low milli-volt drop and low contact resistance. Sure-Seal connectors are excellent for motorcycles, automobiles, boats, and demanding off-road vehicles.
The “PS” Series is available in 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 circuit configurations and is wired with 16AWG, UL1569 300-volt, multicolored wire.

Connector Specification:
PEI Genisis Sure-Seal Series
Circuit count = 6
Color = Black
Material = Nitrile Rubber
Environmental = IP67

Wire Specifications:
16 AWG
UL 1569
300 VAC, 105 degrees C
Stranded, Tinned Copper
PVC, hook-up wire
Wire Length = 12”, Free ends are stripped 0.6" with slugs left on to protect wire strands

Tin plated Copper Alloy

300V, 15 Amp MAX *
Max Temp 220 Deg F
* Total MAX current will be dependent on the total wire length and gauge of wire used in the entire circuit. As wire length and wire gauge decrease, current capacity will decrease. Total wire length is the distance that the wire will travel from the source to the load (through the connector kit) plus the length of the return lines.

Wire color configuration by connector terminal location: (Same for both connectors)
1 Black
2 Green
3 White
4 Red
5 Blue
6 Orange


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