WB-04-4848 - Molex MX150L Sealed (DC Only), 14AWG SLX

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“WB Series” Molex MX150L Sealed Connectors


Designed for commercial-vehicle, marine and other harsh environments, the pre-assembled MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System exceeds IEC IP67 requirements while providing economic advantages.

The MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System is designed to meet the need for a rugged, environmentally sealed connector system supporting both low-level signal applications as well as power applications, from marine to off-road construction equipment applications.

These innovative mat-sealed connectors are based upon the 1.50 and 2.50mm blade-type terminals.

The mat-seal design is a single silicone-based seal with individual wire openings and a seal cap to protect, securely retain and provide strain relief to the crimp assembly.

The cost-effective connector features all-in-one plug and receptacle housings with pre-assembled mat and interfacial seals. Integral Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) ensure proper assembly and engagement. The connectors are keyed and lock securely in place when fully engaged via locking clasp. Depress the locking clasp and pull to separate.

 The “WB” Series is available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 circuit configurations and is wired with heavy insulated, 14AWG, SXL, 50-volt, automotive grade, multicolored wire. Wired for DC/Vehicle applications only. (See WC, WD, WP and WS Series for 600-VAC wired versions.)  (See WA Series for 18AWG, 50-volt DC)

 Connector Specification:

  • Molex MX150L Series
  • Circuit count = 4 
  • Color = Black
  • Material = Polyester (PBT), Glass Filled, UL94 V-0
  • Environmental = IP67

Wire Specifications:

  • 14 AWG
  • SXL – Cross-linked (SAE J1128)
  • 50 VDC, 105 degrees C
  • Stranded, Copper
  • Chemically altered polyethylene insulation, making it more durable and resistant to heat than standard GPT automotive wire. Features a smooth surface finish and is resistant to moisture, grease, oil, gasoline, most acids and solvents.
  • Wire Length = 48" both ends
  • Free ends are stripped 0.6" with slugs left on to protect wire strands


  • Tin plated contacts 
  • Male contacts in Plug
  • Female contacts in Receptacle


  • 50VDC, 13 Amp MAX *
  • Max Temp 220 Deg F

* Total MAX current will be dependent on the total wire length and gauge of wire used in the entire circuit. As wire length and wire gauge decrease, current capacity will decrease.  Total wire length is the distance that the wire will travel from the source to the load (through the connector kit) plus the length of the return lines.  

 Wire color configuration by connector terminal location: (Same for both connectors)

  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Blue


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